Palazzo Gottardi, Venezia

Imagine taking city breaks in Venice, and staying at the famed Palazzo Gottardi Hotel in the heart of this exciting and romantic city in Italy? The hotel's great location and superior accommodations make it the tops among trending places to say in Venice today, say longtime visitors to this boutique hotel. The hotel is credited with being one of "the" places for honeymoon couples while it's all about offering a true romantic escape.

Extra information about city breaks

Another aspect of staying at the Palazzo Gottardi Hotel is linked to lots of great deals and special discounts for honeymooners or its special "family package" for up to four people in money saving junior suites. The hotel is also centrally located for easy access to shopping Venice or dining at some of the best cafes and restaurants in Italy. Momma Mia, fans of this hotel offer glowing testimonials online about enjoying their reasonably priced accommodations.

Palazzo Gottardi Hotel helps visitors enjoy Venice

There are great views from all the rooms at the Palazzo Gottardi Hotel in this renowned setting of canals linked by colorful and romantic bridges with stunning local artwork and architecture as a backdrop. Because Venice is a World Heritage Site, even this popular hotel is considered a "real treasure" because it's a part of this historic city in a very special way, say visitors who enjoyed their stay at this hotel and share comments online. The local Venetians also praise this hotel for its great views and comfortable rooms.

The hotel's great appeal for both locals and visitors include

- Having a wonderful subtropical climate, creating cool and pleasant winters and enjoyably warm summers.

- Featuring easy access to great restaurants, cafes, museums, shops and public transportation including the famed gondola rides down the Grand Canal in Venice.

- Centrally located making the hotel a popular tourist destination.

- Easy access to local culture including concert halls, cinemas and lots of free Venice attractions.

- Breathtaking views from one's bedroom window of the city's rich and diverse Gothic style architectural style that makes one "feel" a part of this Venetian community.

In general, the hotel combines the best of all that beckons visitors to Venice as one of the world's great romantic destinations.

Venetian accommodations at its best

Those who enjoy their stay at the Palazzo Gottardi Hotel say there's a feeling of "romance and music" in the comfortable and reasonable priced rooms that is second to none. In fact, having a safe and enjoyable place to stay in Venice plays an important role when visitors plan their special holiday in this wonderful Venetian city that is credited with being a major fashion and shopping center. Venetian artisans seem to surround this central region of the city, making this luxury hotel the centerpiece for those who truly enjoy vacations in this multi-cultured Italian city.

Overall, there has never been a better time to visit Venice with great rates on offer at the popular Plazzo Gottardi Hotel in the heart of this romantic city of canals.